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Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
a deal, president obama mmets t the white house with senate majority leader harry reid,, pelosi, senate minority leader miich mcconnell and houue &psppaker john bbehner. they have only our days to reach an agreement... or the u-s economy will go over thee so-called "fiscal cllff." that's when automattc tax increasse and ssendinngcuts would take effect. reaching a deal beeooe then on't be easy. becauseeright now, both high-stakes political blame game. we are here in washingtonnworking while the members of the house of reeresentatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccerrand bbsketball and doing all kinds oo things. they should be here. i told the prreident i'd beehappy to look at whateeer he proposes but the truth is we're coming up against a hardd &pthis is a conversation we &pbbsh-era tax cuts to everyonne except those americans making year. many republicans rrmain - against any tax incceases. most americans just wann sommthing to be done. ppople are just tired of everyone to come together. if lawmmkers don't reach a deal by jaauary 1st, many econnnmists are on
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
president obama for a ailure of leadership. steve cennanni has the story. story. 33 a much calmer sunnay compared - to the windd conditions we were dealing with yesttrday. shhping upp up?chief metreorologist vytas - reid... is here with your first forecast..- 3 dozens of famiiiis got a great christmas gift just in time for the olidays. holidays.---------------natsof -&ppeople cheering-------- --- today 3-& hundred troops from all around the world arrived at b-w-i. they were not only grreted by amily but by ppundrrds of volunteer churches, commmunity groups anddscoutt. its "operation welcomm home" program. -3 3 "we have a parade route set up &pand the volunteers will be greeting them they'll be cheering them,,patting thee onn phe bacc wwlcominn hem home shackinggther hands."//butt -3 to// "we're creating a good bag that has water nd some &psnacks and a xmas card a greetiig card and alss some information about operation - welcome home." //butt o//"itss absolutely overwhelmiig i can't get through
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am EST
for a mini deaa if congrrss can't agree on a broader deal bb midnighh.. --sot: president brack obama, source: nbc (pre-fonttd)-- let's at inimum make sure that peeple's taxes don't go don't loseetheir unemmloyment - innurance --rene oo camera-- january first -- hikes and 1) at this late stage of the game what is theesticking point? what is keeping both sides from a deal? 2) with soolittle time left are any laamaaers exprrssing actually get this done in time? coming uppin ourrhometown hotsp. hotspot... the ecret iigredients... to curing thoss post-party ppins.where you can go....for a new year'' day brunch.yyu're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7)) -3 3 if you don't ave plans to ring in the new year yet... wee have great oppion for you. in lassvegas and you can see it all right here on fox45. candace isshhrr with the detailscandace- it's caaled be hhll at the mandalayybayy resort and caainocarren electra and lifehouse will perform.and it was just announced that yoo will also hear anotherrspecial guest. nats: singing singing thht s tate stevens.he is th
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
to the debt ceiling. >> i agree. i think obama -- president obama out maneuvered the congressional republicans. maybe it isn't hasometimes, but can't out maneuver reality and the reality is we are running a $1 trillion deficit and the deal does nothing about that and does nothing to stimulate economic growth and irresponsibly cuts defense and we'll pay a terrible price for that, as a country, and he is the only president we have and this is where -- i'm not making it a partisan point, a terrible failure of leadership, he's the president and the truth is, the speaker can't do it and minority and majority leader can't do it. he has to be serious about dealing with reality and reality is the real cliff we are going over which is this debt cliff and monetary cliff, and i'm worried a foreign policy cliff and not merely the little, you know, fiscal cliff we have to deal with january 1st. >> chris: all right, panel we have to take a breake here, whe we come back the panel dusts off the crystal ball and gives us their predictions for 2013. ♪ ♪ >> chris: check out fox news, for behind-th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4